My Cousin says he’s a Hillbilly, I say he is a gifted Artist!

His attention to detail on the working model train set, he built, makes you wonder if you’ve joined Gulliver in his travels and the Lilliputians are just on a lunch break.

I took some photos while admiring his work. 

What do you think?



db Photographic Art’s webpage and blog, I hope, will become a website you will visit regularly.  I plan to display new and inspiring images in this section and how they were made. I’m from the era of film; I know how to take a photograph and not a hundred pictures to capture one image worth using, which is so commonly found in the digital world today.

Let db Photographic Art become a place for you to visit and learn from someone who loves to mentor those wishing to pursue their photographic dreams. Not everyone can attend a db Photographic Art training session; however, this site will allow you to start the journey in becoming a photographer and not a picture taker.

Your seat is waiting for you, and I’ll be just over your shoulder leading you along the way.